17 April 2012

Gonzalez 'Nothing Ever Comes That Easy' (De-cheesing edit)

Gonzalez 'Nothing Ever Comes That Easy' (De-cheesing edit)

Gonzalez hailed from Blighty and released their ludicrously be-imaged second album in 1975. Hornsy funk rock given a bit of light trimming by yours truly to de-cheese it a bit.

14 April 2012

Pointer Sisters 'Hypnotized'

Hello stranger. It's been waaaay too long since the last post on this mutha. Spurred back in to action by this particular gem from the Pointer Sisters, covering Fleetwood Mac on a funky space rock tip. A really awesome groove to this one. Littered with stylish guitar inflections, nonsensical but beautifully executed lyrics about hypnosis and UFOs and eerie synth drifts inhabiting the background. Nice one ladies.