24 September 2010

Link Wray 'Fire & Brimstone'

We have Link Wray to thank for the invention of the power chord, as flexed in early hits like the titanic 'Rumble', which laid the foundation stones for, erm, rock music basically. We also have to thank him for the brilliantly lo-fi output he made during the early 70's.  This tune is lifted off his down-home, 3-track recorded, self-titled album, which was executed in the space of 3 days in a chicken shed. It gives a taste of the scratchy, charm-filled brilliance that permeates the whole album and others of the period such as 'Beans And Fatback' and 'Mordicai Jones'. This kit can't come recommended more highly for fans of blues/country rock in the vein of Exile On Main St. etc.

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