30 July 2010

Music Machine 'Come On In'

Music Machine 'Come On In'

Apparently Jim Morrison watched this one-gloved garage outfit intently during their shows in downtown L.A. during 1966. Music Machine were classed as a one hit/no hit garage band but this cheeky B-side to their only hit 'Talk Talk' (a raging proto-punk belter) shows a depth of songwriting and musicianship not reached by most Nuggets-era tomfoolerers. "Now's the time to break your leash and show the world your apron strings have come untied." A call to arms for girls all over the world to embrace the hedonism of the era.

28 July 2010

Joe Walsh 'County Fair' (Mindless Boogie edit)

Joe Walsh 'County Fair' (Mindless Boogie edit)

A first for the Danceflawed blog in that this is, shock horror, an EDIT of an original record. Not a habit to be encouraged too readily, but this is a corker from a few years ago on the mostly very excellent Mindless Boogie re-edit series. Joe Walsh's own habits were many, including hot-wiring his guitar to get that trademark 'attack' sound. He also took a barrow-load of drugs and drunk the equivalent of the Llangollen reservoir in bourbon. He was the epitome of the consumptive rock god and his career went into decline for a bit after joining The Eagles. He's back on it now though, twisting old melons with licks of liquid metal.

21 July 2010

Donovan 'Get Thy Bearings'

All about the tough drum break on this one - a bit of a departure from Donovan's usual repartie of softly contoured and sickly sweet musings about garden gnomes, hanging out the washing on a cloud of bumblebees and what not. For those that share the enthusiasm for this beat, a replica 60s studio soul band called The Sand Dollars recently did an edgy instrumental cover of this song.

20 July 2010

Procol Harum 'Gates Of Cerdes'

Best known for their Hammond stroking mega-ballad 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' this 1960s rock outfit from London produced an album of strikingly vivid, lysergic songs that have really stood the test of time. 'Gates Of Cerdes' is the cornerstone of this debut album and unlocks a world populated by the most extraordinary creatures. A much more in-depth assimilation of this track can be found here. The name of the band supposedly means 'beyond that which is' or words to that effect and was named after a Burmese cat belonging to a friend of front man Keith Reid. The mysterious identity of the owner has been quoted as one of the great unsolved mysteries of rock 'n roll, though rumour has it he might be living in a van in the middle of a wood in Wales according to Ian Marchant in his excellent book 'The Longest Crawl'. Click here for more mystery.

19 July 2010

Erkin Koray 'Sevdigim'

Sirius burns bright, low in the sky out to the West after sunset. The dog days are here - a time when we're supposedly at our least productive in the stultifying heat of late July and early August. No better time for some cosmic Turkish psych-folk then I hear you say? Couldn't agree more. How about some licks from the 'Jimi Hendrix' of the Bosphorous - Erkin Koray? Yes why not. This one is lifted from a comp called 'Turkish Freakout!' compiled by some chap called Bouzouki Joe, which arrived at my door yesterday and its all killer stuff. Also, if you haven't already done so, I strongly urge you to check out and download Baris K's 3 Eurasia mixes for really excellent turkish disco/funk/psychedelic nuggets. Perfect material for lounging in the heat with chips, dips and cold alcoholic beverages.

16 July 2010

The Blues Project 'Two Trains Runnin'

Eleven minutes plus of chugging psychedelic blues from this Greenwich Village outfit from 1966. Nice harp licks and duelling guitar work make this a train journey worth embarking on. They never scored a hit, but then they weren't really in it for number one's as this experimental and adventurous LP aptly displays. Basically like America's answer to Ten Years After but less gymnastic.