20 July 2010

Procol Harum 'Gates Of Cerdes'

Best known for their Hammond stroking mega-ballad 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' this 1960s rock outfit from London produced an album of strikingly vivid, lysergic songs that have really stood the test of time. 'Gates Of Cerdes' is the cornerstone of this debut album and unlocks a world populated by the most extraordinary creatures. A much more in-depth assimilation of this track can be found here. The name of the band supposedly means 'beyond that which is' or words to that effect and was named after a Burmese cat belonging to a friend of front man Keith Reid. The mysterious identity of the owner has been quoted as one of the great unsolved mysteries of rock 'n roll, though rumour has it he might be living in a van in the middle of a wood in Wales according to Ian Marchant in his excellent book 'The Longest Crawl'. Click here for more mystery.

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