19 July 2010

Erkin Koray 'Sevdigim'

Sirius burns bright, low in the sky out to the West after sunset. The dog days are here - a time when we're supposedly at our least productive in the stultifying heat of late July and early August. No better time for some cosmic Turkish psych-folk then I hear you say? Couldn't agree more. How about some licks from the 'Jimi Hendrix' of the Bosphorous - Erkin Koray? Yes why not. This one is lifted from a comp called 'Turkish Freakout!' compiled by some chap called Bouzouki Joe, which arrived at my door yesterday and its all killer stuff. Also, if you haven't already done so, I strongly urge you to check out and download Baris K's 3 Eurasia mixes for really excellent turkish disco/funk/psychedelic nuggets. Perfect material for lounging in the heat with chips, dips and cold alcoholic beverages.

1 comment:

  1. Couldn't agree more... I like the "Jimi Hendrix of the Bosphorous" for good old Erkin!