29 October 2010

Quiet Village 'Circus Of Horror'

With shop window displays turning the lurid colour of squeezy cheeze and more cheap tat on sale than you can shake a sweatshop-produced witch's broomstick at, its hard to ignore the fact that Halloween is upon us. Rather than rant on about the rise of this mawkish, consumerist, Americanization of the calendar, we may as well embrace it, if only to dust off records like the 'Monster Mash' and the immortal Ray Parker Jr and get ragingly drunk. Here's a derailed ghost train ride through the darker corners of the psyche, featuring pagan howls, fire-stoking guitar, siren samples etc. courtesy of  Quiet Village - AKA Joel Martin and Matt Edwards, whose Fragments Of Fear mixtapes are a must have for Halloween party kitchen atmos.

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