14 December 2010

Frank Zappa 'Dirty Love'

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention 'Dirty Love'

Lewd, grinding funk-rock from the original, slug-tached Sheik Yerbouti off the 1973 album 'Overnite Sensation'. It's testament to Zappa's subversive brilliance during his lifetime that there should be so many honors bestowed upon his memory. There's a monumental bust of his head erected in Vilnius, Lithuania and a fossil discovery named after him - Spygori zappania - by American paleontologists who stated his: " mission paralleled that of the earliest paleontologists: to challenge conventional and traditional beliefs when such beliefs lacked roots in logic and reason". Annual get togethers such as the 'Zappanale' in the German city of Bad Doberan and a Zappa Day held in his birthplace Baltimore ensure some of the younger generations get exposed to the bizarre genius.

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